React London 2017
28 March 2017

By Max Maybury

Yesterday we attended Rect London 2017 at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster. React has become the backbone to nearly every single frontend that we have been developing, while React Native has been our framework of choice for creating cross-platform mobile applications.

It was very interesting to see the community that has been established over the last few years for React, as well as listen to people involved in the maintenance and improvement of React. It made me realise how much an open-source community can guide the direction of framework that so many web apps depend on.

There were talks varying from testing, how to format JavaScript and styled components. There was also a panel discussion made up of Facebook employees, with an open-call for questions from the audience. The award for most eccentric talk definitely goes to Ken Wheeler from Formidable Labs who explained how to build a robotic crossbow by using React and React Native.