About us

Who we are

We like to call ourselves Builders, but we’re actually (mad) computer scientists and innovators. Quick on our fingers, we love solving problems that make lives simpler. We like to work fast and hard, and we deliver on time. every. time. Give us a project, and we will exceed your expectations.

Our close-knit multi-disciplinary team allows us to see the big-picture whilst being involved in the tiny details, and we plan painstakingly before diving headfirst. We are a full-service organisation, designed to take our clients from prototype to deployment. Our clients are our partners, and we work towards developing their internal capability. We take ownership for our work and produce flexible and scalable solutions you can be proud of taking to your customers.

Our story

With a passion for all things tech, Ashton, Steve and Max decided to conquer the world by setting up their own digital consultancy after graduating from the University of Bath in July 2016. Having previously attended over a dozen hackathons, they knew they wanted to work together. They met the final member of their team, Giacomo, at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. Collectively, they wanted to create a dynamic workplace that was focused on quality and fuelled by passion. They have since been growing exponentially and worked on multiple projects, and have had multiple partners. To name a few: an automated grading system for universities, an online chatbot that orders coffee, a gaming app and a live restaurant analytics’ system. They have attended even more hackathons and events, and succumbed to countless weekends of pizza, energy drinks and code.

We are

  • Innovators - Our instincts drive us to implement creative solutions to complex business problems
  • Builders - Our talented delivery team ensures that we develop code that meets the highest standards.
  • Managers - Our proven business approach means we can successfully deploy large-scale solutions within required timeframes
  • Partners- Our commitment and dedication for every client we work with is something we take pride in.